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Garbage Whistle

2008-07-24 08:53:09 by Super-FZL

Hmm...this is odd. What is a garbage whistle? Did I flag things that weren't offensive enough? Come to think of it, I have flagged a lot of reviews, but maybe they weren't bad enough. Oh well, at least Newgrounds knows what they're doing.

--Super FZL.


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2008-07-24 09:16:57

Eh, don't feel too bad. I once had a Garbage Whistle. It stayed there
disgracing my page for months!

Super-FZL responds:

I don't really care about my page. I'm on Newgrounds to rate stuff and enjoy their wide selection of media, not to police the site.

I say kudos to them for having a decent system.


2008-07-24 09:17:19

Because you're flagging them wrongly.

Super-FZL responds:

I kind of got the message...
I watched a tutorial on the subject.


2008-07-24 12:47:22